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You know you are good when your competitor impersonates you

You know you are good when your competitor impersonates you

I had a client at Mossman Park tell me that I called them few days ago saying that I will not take on the job. I said I never called him saying I will not take on the job. Long story short our competitor has impersonated our company telling my client I could not do the job for lease on for five months despite the client wanting to do the job with us.

There is two  view points about this: one it’s pretty low blow to do something like this but two, shows how successful a company five star decking is that our competitors have to impersonate us to get jobs for them.
The job we were quoting was at Mosman Park using the Trex Transcend in the new havana gold colour. Our quote was quite reasonable and they were going to go with us. We found out was it during the follow-up call when the client said that we had call them saying that we do not want the job firstly we would never say will not take on the job and that’s not what we do a five star decking. So if you get a call from someone impersonating the first thing you should do is get their name and details if you think it sounds suspicious and call back the number in our quote form.
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