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Suntec Composite Decking installed at Harrisdale

Suntec Composite Decking installed at Harrisdale

Conny and Jack wanted a deck for their house before relatives arrived from overseas. They opted for the Suntec Composite Decking which comes in lengths of 5.4m which was great for the area they wanted decked.

The first thing was to get the soil removed about 250mm to install the 120×45 bearers and 90×45 Joists on top.

With Suntec your joists have to be 400mm due to the thickness of the boards instead of your 450mm.

Other than that everything else was standard.

We completed this job in 2 days with very happy clients.

To Supply and install for an 7m by 4.5m area was $7300 inc GST




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February 7, 2015

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