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Environmental Leadership
Trex was built upon green principles and values, from our innovative materials to our eco-friendly processes. In fact, we reuse as smartly as possible, creating innovative new products from not-so-new beginnings, and, of course, screening everything closely for quality before it goes near a Trex plant.

Recycled Materials
Trex saves around 180 million kilos of plastic and wood scrap from landfills every year.
Our decking, in addition to reclaimed wood and sawdust, used to be plastic packaging. We are one of the largest plastic recyclers in the United States of America.
Trex hasn’t felled one tree in all our years in the decking business. Instead, we use what others don’t, including:
Reclaimed wood from woodworking operations
Used pallets
Sawdust (upwards of 90 million kilos a year)
Environmentally Friendly Processes
We regularly seek out third-party audits to make sure we’re continuously improving our green practices while meeting all environmental, health and safety guidelines and regulations

Trex trailers used to transport wood dust utilize vegetablebased oil hydraulics.
Our proprietary processing method eliminates smokestacks.
Factory runoff/refuse is recycled back into the manufacturing line.
As much as possible, Trex packaging is made from recycled paper and plastic.

Green Affiliations

Trex is the first company in the wood alternative decking industry to receive an International Code Council Evaluation Service® (ICC-ES)* SAVE Verification for Recycled Content.
Trex decking & railing contribute to a building’s enviable LEED points (a nationally accepted benchmark for design, construction and operation of high-performance green buildings).
Trex is made from 95 % recycled materials including recycled plastic. If you are looking for alternative decking material that is kind to the environment Trex is the perfect solution. Speak to our experienced consultants for ideas on combining a range of deck railing materials with Trex decking.
There are many composite decking brands out there with various colours and dimensions. The most common size of a composite decking board is 140×23, coming in lengths of 4.88m or 5.4m, unlike timber decking, which comes in many different lengths.

Most composite decking comes with a hidden fixing system, meaning that there are grooves on the side of the deck where you can secure the fixing onto the framework. This has a cleaner look than timber.

The benefit of having a composite deck installed in your property is the no maintenance factor; with only soapy water and a broom you can clean up most marks and dirt. You don’t ever have to oil it. And the colours of the deck usually do not fade over time, do not warp, splinter or perish. You also have an added benefit of a warranty on the boards.

Composite is 25-30% more in cost than timber, however you really do get what you pay for, it’s low maintenance, and with a long life span, it’s worth it.

We use the very best quality composite decking brands on the market including Trex Transcend, NexGen Decking, Ultrashield Decking and Rightwood Decking.

If you have another brand you would like us to install we can also cater for that. We have installed EkoDeck, Outdoor Decking and other similar brands.
Nex Gen Decking
Nex Gen Decking - Fiberon
NexGEN Capped Composite Decking is manufactured in North America and sold throughout more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia, Central and South America.

Never Warps, Rots and is Splinter Free
No Oiling, Sealing or Sanding
Fade, Scratch and Mould Resistance
Hidden fixing system
Made from recycled materials
The industry’s first 25-Year Stain, Fade and Performance Warranty.

Compare NexGEN

NexGEN features a different pattern on the top and bottom of each of our double-sided capped composite boards, reducing waste and creating more interest and variety on the surface.

NexGEN Capped Composite Decking offers lasting beauty genuine value and virtually no maintenance.

No need to spend your free time sanding and oiling, spend it with your family and friends on your beautiful maintenance free deck.

NexGEN offers the industry’s first 25-year stain and fade warranty on our reversible boards, so you can buy with confidence today!

NexGEN Decking is made from recycled materials. Our product is free of harmful chemicals and produced using sustainable processes.
NewTech Wood 
Designed to suit Australian conditions and lifestyles

Australia has one of the best climates in the world, so why not spend more time outdoors enjoying and relaxing on your patio? It’s important that you choose a product that not only looks beautiful and matches your décor, but doesn’t impact your leisure time by requiring unnecessary maintenance.
Fully capped, Maintenance Free, Timber Composite Decking for a Better Outdoor Life

No Maintenance
Never sand,oil or paint
Natural Look& Feel
Termite &Pest resistant
Fully Capped 25 Year Warranty
A deck extends your home’s available living area and will also add real value to your property when you’re ready to sell.

NewTechWood are a global company and we have meticulously selected products from their range that are best suited to Australian conditions.

You will never have to oil or paint your deck again. Unlike some other products on the market, Ultrashield is fully capped on all four sides, for ultra-protection against moisture, splitting and cracking. It is also the most natural looking composite timber on the market.
EkoDeck Wood 
The Timber Decking Of The Future
Ekodeck is a new style of decking that looks and feels like wood, with the strength of bamboo and durability of plastic. Its unique design of bamboo and recycled plastic accounts for more than 90% of Ekodeck’s composition.

No oiling or painting
Ekodeck’s unique construction requires no maintenance when it comes to oiling and painting. Those costly and tedious tasks become chores of the past, saving you both time and money. However, like carpet, our lighter colours – Mountain Oak and Silver Ash – require more maintenance to keep clean than our darker colours.

Rot, decay and termite resistant
Unlike timber decking, Ekodeck requires no special treatments to combat mould and termite damage. The plastic deters termites, and as Ekodeck absorbs less water than timber, it is less likely to suffer from the effects of mould and mildew. Should any surface mould and mildew appear, it is easily washed away.

Splinters, warped boards and popped nails are common problems associated with traditional timber decks. Ekodeck eliminates these safety hazards, welcoming bare feet. Ekodeck is also non-toxic.

Natural look
Many composite decking products still look like plastic. Ekodeck has been carefully engineered, designed and finished to look and feel like natural timber.
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