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Using Cutek CD33 to strip back and old Deck

Using Cutek CD33 to strip back and old Deck

Summit Homes wanted to sand back a deck in one of their display homes using a sander and then get us to re-oil it. We first inspected the area that needed sanding and soon realized it was going to be very difficult to bring a sanding machine to the back of the house without damaging something on the way.

We brought in one of our experts from Austim Timbers to tell us what would be the best way to go about getting the deck looking as good as it was a few years ago.

After seeing the deck he recommended a product called Cutek CD33 with is a coat stripper which would essentially do the same thing as sander without the hassle. Then once the stripper has been applied let it set for 45 minutes and then wash it off with a water pressure gun.

This would do the trick however there may be areas that you may still need to sand however it would not be that hard.

Now once that was done to then use Riviva to bring out the colour of the wood back. This has to be kept wet while applying and then finally washed off.

washing off the Cutek CD33 from the deck

You can see us here rinsing away the Cutek CD33.

Now is the fun part: we oil the deck using Sikkens in the Oak colour. We gave the deck 2 coats and boy it turned out nice. It was as if the deck was just laid down.

Giving a new coat of Oil on a timber deck
Giving a new coat of Oil on a timber deck

With products like this who needs to sand back when there are easier alternatives now. S


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